SCRIPTY2: Preview on UI Controls

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With nice work and supervision from Michael Fuchs, scriptaculous creator and colaborator at prototype, scripty2 is a totally rewrite from Scriptaculous dividing the product in three blocks, I said before in this post, and such interesting stuff at work Queue as multitouch concerned about iphone and what's coming up with windows 7, android.

Check this demo from Nokia StarLight project:

How is the development going?? New examples of the UI Controls have been brought up by Andrew Dupont for adding the first batch of controls goodness to scripty2, including buttons, dialogs, overlays, sliders, autocompleters and accordion.

All these controls are made with prototype class and class methods and so on creating new extensions of them to make them tottally cutomized!!. Other interesting issues these awesome controls owns:

  • Support full keyboard navigation.
  • Provides also accessibility hooks through WAI-ARIA. Make your apps accesible!! ;).
  • The best thing is that they’re compatible with Themeroller (from jQuery UI) themes! So you can just reuse/tweak existing themes very easily.

Keep coding!!

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