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Many times you would like add into your blog or site a nice video tutorial of your product. In many cases this product would be something related with a software development, and what better way to show your product that within a video recorded testing your software at your screen, or better called screencast??. There are many comercial software out there for this porpouse by why paying if there is a nice firefox addon called Capture Fox??.

You can download it HERE by pressing Add to firefox after which you will need to restart firefox. You got it, a nice videocam icon at the tool bar which will do its work, record what you do at your computer (Whole Screen at Capture Area from Basic Settings or just at your firefox browser (Firefox window at the same location as before) ...and of course with sound!!.

You can change Video Quality whre you can tune that quality and for ecample choose how many frames per second o record. As usual the better the quality the bigger the size!!.

Remember to activite Voice Recording if you want to add voice, music or just anything which get into your mic, into ur video!!.

Damn, I need to change FreakZion!!, too many ideas and too littlethis blog. Ok I will do it for next year. New Year, New blog style!! ;)

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