WORDPRESS: Version 2.9, what's new?

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Wordpress 2.9 is out to be downloaded, with some interesting features:

  • Do not ever lose your posts when erasing them by error. Yeap there is undo/trash option which will take your posts back to live!!:
  • Photoshop??, paint shop pro??, ...maybe you can save a bit of money because now it comes with a image editor that will help you to crop, rotate, scale, and more all your pics. At any case do not forget to use online services as picnik who will save youtime and money!!.
  • Update your plugins. They will be grouped so it will be easier to you.
  • Want to post a video??. Just place the URL of the video and Wordpress will just wrpa it around with a nive video player!!. This will do it for videos at:

    • YouTube
    • Daily Motion
    • Blip.tv
    • Flickr
    • Hulu
    • Viddler
    • Qik
    • Revision3
    • Scribd
    • Google Video
    • Photobucket
    • PollDaddy
    • WordPress.tv

Dowload this version at Wordpress.org

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