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Most of you can think somethink today "I hate mondays!!!", ..but hey, it is better to think something like "Cool!!, a new Post from Sepelka, a new day to code and only 4 days for next weekend!!!".

Still using paint shop pro, photoshop, ...or another pay per use Software??. Well done if you work manipulating images but for just posting images into blogs, resizing them, etc, you better use online and free tools, unless you don't mind to pay to use fabulous paint shop pro!. I am going to introduce you to Thumba, an online software based on silverlight, ...sorry for linux users because moonlight will not work ..unfortunatly.

What can we do to our images with Thumba besides coping, paste, cropping, rotating..

?, ..many, many stuff as for example bluring, hue, saturation and ilumnation adjustion, Brightness, contrast, gamma correction.. Ok, ok, that doesn't seem to be a lot for an Image Editor Application, but what about effects like:


  • Old Paint
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Pop Art
  • Stamp
  • Blur (Zoom, Focal, Radial, Smart....)
  • Crazy Distortion
  • FishEye Lens
  • Explosion Distortion
  • Effects as Sepia, Sunny day, Solarization.....
  • Wave Effect
  • Ripple Effect
  • ..and many, many more!!!.

Some as cool as converting this image of me looking at a duff beer into Ascii Characters..

And yes all for freeeeeeeeee, as you like ;)

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