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Sometimes it appears a tool which covers the main coding and working neccesities for us, for example apps to manipulate DBs Servers. I still remember the first time I used Toad to manipulate Oracle/DB2 data and tables , and of course my frequent visits to MySQL with PHPMyAdmin. This tools are so used that no competitors seem to appear!!, ...but the guys who started with PHPMinAdmin have continued their nice work ending up with an easy-to-use app called Adminer.

What does Adminer offers??. Well, to be sincere not many different functionality from which PHPMyAdmin offers, ..actually PHPMyAdmin is more complete and comes with better User Experience, from my point of view besides of being translated to mny more languages (57 translated into in PHPMyAdmin against 11 in Adminer). But as a good point, ...can you imagine bringing and only file to your PC and have a whole DB client??, well, stop imagining, its name is adminer!!.

Ant not an only file is the best of Adminer, but also the size of the solution, almost half of PHPMyAdmin. This minification code is based on a work of David Grudl who uses it for his brilliant libraries Texy, dibi and Nette, and get adminer more than 15 times smaller than PHPMyAdmin.

It works perfectly wit MySQL 4.1, MySQL 5.0 y 5.1. PHP 4.3 and higher compatible as with PHP 5. TRy Adminer, is really faaaaast and light!!!.


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