Mobile Programming FrameWorks: Rhodes

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Since my last posts are populated with references about mobile programming APPs, what the future brings and how the paradigm Browser Apps Vs OS Apps is changing a lot, I have been asked what Mobile programming frameworks are out there. There are already more some, as you can imagine, but still the market is wide opened for new releases and new opportunities for Frameworks.

The most intuitive and as the same time powerfull, although is more oriented to "Web Based Apps" is Rhodes, also called Rhomobile. ..and please let me be specific, I said "more oriented to Web Based Apps" which doesn't mean you can build any kind of App because supports geolocation (GPS), PIM contacts and camera, and more

It is based in the approach "Build once, deliver in different Systems" and using techniques as HTML5 and Javascript, ...lenguages and markup languague that almost anybody knows. What is underneath Rhodes?? ..Ruby, Ruby and even more Ruby!!. Of course you can also use Ruby in your programming.

They claim that the develoment of a new APP takes 1/5 of building it nativily with another programming languages and as an example they talk about Wikipedia c-based Iphone App, ...when they found out about Rhodes, they re-wrote it using Rhodes framework minimizing the lines of code to 1/5 of the original C-based Development.

As usual a video worths more than thousand words:

And also take a quick peek at these tutorials.

Time to continue hard work!!

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