WEB EDITORS: The Collection and a Good Day

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:16
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Today is a great day indeed!!, yes, my holidays starts today and the beach awaits!! :), ..i will try to keep posting during them, i will need a 3G connection which works perfectly at my android phone, and not so well at my laptop.

At any case, let's get our mind in today's topic. WYSIWYG HTML Editors which can be integrated in our developments and portals. Sooner or later you will need one for sure, so here you will find a list of the most used ones.

For my projects I am engaged with tinyMCE, although i have also used eWebEditPro, ...so you can imagine which i like the most.. Xhina is gorwing step by step with features as skins, Image Manager, it allows you to insert notes, and many, many more soooo it is a project to keep the eye on!!, although it needs to work on the speed, ..it is sloooow. Here is the promised list:


Are these alone in the dark (sorry, i couldn't control myself and I had to add the link to these fabolous game of all times which keep changing :)?? No, there are many more out there and you can try them out.

Next post will be at the seaside....

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