PICS FOR UR PORTAL: Picnik, Your image online edition tool

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It is obvious, we all need to add beauty to our portal with the use of images, backgrounds, pngs....
We can have our photo gallery, but how can we make changes to our images??. It is also obvious!!, let's use Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop!!

..But what if we don't have the money to get the licence?. Here is when programs like picnik can help us!!, ..and yes it is FREE and ONLINE!!.

Even more, why having ur gallery in ur PC?? ..Picnik will connect to Myspace, Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Webshots and Webs to access ur images.

Edit your pics, crop it, resize it, add filter to them, put some text at the bottom of the pic, enhance the pics....., many, many things that never was thought to be done online and FAST!!.

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