APPLE: The TV Pie is divided into slices, ..Hulu?, iTunes?

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Comcast, Dish TV, Canal Satellite, DirectTV, , Cable Tvs all around the world,....what is the future of all these Tv Companies??. World is in continuous change and the revolution in the media and entertainment around the TV has new rules. The rules of interaction, the rules of choice, the rules of everywhere/Anywhere, contents related, comments, content scoring..., and so many more new rules to follow..

It is the a new ERA, not just the era of the TV but the tablet PC, the phone, any other screen device, and the TV cable cannot keep being as it is and that is when companies as Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, etc are getting a great success, ..although hulu is still not profitable.



The big online companies as Amazon are getting strong into this business, GoogleTV (in my opinion the winner in 1 year from now), and Apple??. Is apple just going to stay with the actual AppleTV??. Way!!

We all know how Apple has revolutionized everything they have done, from the mac, iPod to the iPad, and now is time for TV!!!. Long time ago, in september 2006 Apple launched AppleTV. A new concept, as usual for them, and this time for online movie streaming, ..more than 5 years ago!!. Yes Roku was created in 2002 but not until 2008 came with the product that we now know. Netflix starting in the streaming video seriously in 2008.., so again Apple was ahead in time. And what is Apple doing to compete with GoogleTV??

Google is in every field and of course GoogleTV is going to be a great revolution, but my friends, Apple has already a quite awesome video streaming player with best graphical interface ever, selling movies though iTunes but missing something. It misses a Hulu, a netflix, a amazon concept. Monthly subscription with many, many show and movies in the catalog.

That is the reason why Apple is biding for Hulu, least that is one of the candidates (vudu is always in the point of view of Apple). Apple has already entered in the biding war for Hulu. The best of Hulu??. Its show catalog, ..something that Apple misses although counting with two and a half men in the catalog!! :)

Actually, apple just finished a test that shows how desirable a company as Hulu is for their business. The test was based in a 99 cent TV episode rentals using content from FOX and NBC. That test ended on Friday. the results?? lack of demand!!. Why pay 99 cents a Tv episode when you pay 7 dollars a months and watch the whole "Lost" show at Hulu???. Yes, true, with some commercials, but the whole 6 seasons!!!.

Actually, who want to pay more than 35 dollars to watch a whole season of two and a half men or desperate housewives??.

Why people is quitting cable TV??, ..not to pay 150 dollars??. Yeah, that is the reason, so don't come up with a budget of that amount to enjoy nice tv watching!!. The future?? A monthly subscription to watch shows, and just pay for special events and new movies. If in one year from now I am wrong i plewase ask everybody to insult me in this post!!!.

Is Apple Ready??, No it is not yet. As i said GoogleTv is going to win the best Assault, but the second assault within USA will be for Apple and in 3 years Apple will be the most profitable in the world...

I seem that i am a MAC people but let me tell you that i just bought a Roku instead of AppleTV. So call me realistic, less than a year i will be using appleTV device though..

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