Nintendo, The story in 2 minutes

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There are many ways to tell a story, from which words you use to how you tell it. Nintendo's story can also be explained based on many factors as for example:

1.- Gaming devices which made us all have awesome times:

2.- The famous games Nintendo has created:

..take a peek to this best all times Nintendo games link.

3.- Or even the best Nintendo Guinness Record ever :):

536 people set the world record for blowing bubbles

....But Nintendo Story can be told also in such a creative way as Anthony Veloso and Quentin Dron did with this incredible video. Sit, relax and enjoy!!:

..Hmmmm, that remains me of a friend who builds arcade machines which can either get your favourite android attached to it or buy it already with a tablet attached. I have one already and is really fun!!!!:

Arcade Machine