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Apple's Mojo is Back

  • Published on Tuesday, 17 December 2013 04:51
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Yeah, about one year ago i made some statements about Apple's Mojo and its Future, What Happens to Apple's Mojo?? , during this year we have checked that Apple is striking back ..and we can finally conclude that Apple's Mojo is Back, ..yeah baby!!.

How can i confirm that Apple has its Mojo again??. hmmm, let me bring back some of the key elements mentioned in previous posts and let's check out how they are evolving in the proper way.

Siri's vs Google Search

Siri's mission to become the next search engine and an awesome Personal assistant is going as planned. Yes, it is reducing its reliance on Google and looking for new friends to accomplish that objective. These friends?? Yelp, Wikipedia, Of course Apple Maps and even Yahoo and Bing.

Follow up the results in this Chart:

Siri Accuracy has enhanced considerably and is getting closer to that one from Google Now, ..which by the way it is a great service by Google but let's face it, a bit scary as Google knows where you live, where you work, who you date where you travel, what you eat, who you date, what concerts you go to, who you date (..but that is another Story).

Check the Results in this comparison prepared by Munster

Software Development Speed

Apple is still behind Android. Android is Open Source platform with millions of programmer working in these platform, and Microsoft which has dominated SW industry for long time,  ...but it is true that the new IOS and MAC OSX come with new functionalities and cloud integration that just are loved by customers who know want to sit close to Apple habitat.

Apple Apps Profitability is just higher than Android. Actually Canaccord shows that Apple makes much more money than all its competitors combined, having 56 percent of their profit from IOS market as you can see in this chart:

Let's also face it, an Apple Customer is willing to spend a higher budget than an Android Customer, both for devices and Applications. That makes programmers focusing in IOS Apps as a priority and later on in Android.

So Apple App Store is better that Android Store, it has more and better apps, ....hmmmm, maybe Apple has indeed more software than Android??, ..and have you recently see an Application that is launched for Microsoft OS and not for Apple OS??, ..let's say that is happening exactly the Opposite.

wooow, I have just realized that MAC OS and IOS applications are rocking big time and that is unstoppable at this moment.

Operating System

It seems that Apple was going downhill , ..yes I just used the right verbal tense, as Android is gaining ground in the mobile ecosystem as you can see in this year IDC report:

and also Android is also growing in the desktops environment with Google Chrome OS. But Apple strikes back and the downhill curve is about to turn uphill. Which are the signs for such a change???:

  • New totally renovated Mobile OS which turned the Iphone 5S sales the best one's ever!!.
  • New renovated Best in Class Desktop OS.
  • New lineup of Imacs
  • MAC PRO is going to be a complete blockbuster. Servers and Workstation are still part of every day's company, video and image editing professionals, publishers and many start-ups ...and Apple is very conscious about it. It is true that in about 3 years things will change with Cloud Computing and Amazon services as well as Google ones, ..but right now a sleek powerful workstation as the Mac PRO is simply unique.
  • ..and the Ipad Air sales are turning into the best ones for Apple's tablet since first IPAD and IPAD 2. Just take a peek which device was most attractive during last Black Friday's event:

IOS and MACOSX, are getting just irresistible and sexy!!. 

E-Learning Platform

It is really weird why neither google nor amazon realize the big potencial here for tablets. Every single student is going to have a tablet companion, every single one, and of course online education is finally launching in big scale with sites as Coursera and online universities as Capella University, Ameritech College, Boston University,  Walden University, etc

iTunes U has grown to almost 1,5 Billion and estimated to get to 2 billion downloads next year as well as 1.000.000 free lectures, videos, books, etc. You can find there tutorials by not just prestige universities as Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, but also by any professional who can create neat courses easily with the Free Tools provided by Apple... Why is it free??, so you enrich the Apple's Learning Platform!!.

This platform does not only guarantee Students buying Apple devices, but also professionals, teachers and of course universities!!. Actually many US Universities are replacing Desktop PCs for IMACs and of course you will find soon MAC PROS for big computing process (video edition, real time applications, and servers to which Ipads can hook up to run desktop Applications.).

The Next Big Thing

Hmmmm, This will boost up Apple's Mojo big time, ...i-tracker??, i-TV??, Gaming Console??, House Automation??, Car Integration??...Check Here what is next for Apple

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