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Apple Strikes Back

  • Published on Monday, 03 June 2013 04:29
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Hmmm, I still remember when i mentioned in Freakzion that Apple was losing its Mojo..., but that was the past and now we have to face the present and Future of this Company which once was the biggest one on earth!!.

 The present, in the morning of June 3, is known:

  • Stock Price: $449.75
  • Market Cap: 422.1 B
  • Employees: Around 72K
  • Products: Macs (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro), iPods (Shuffle, nano, touch, classic), iPhones (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5), iPad (iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display), Apple TV and all the SW in charge of handling all those wonderfull devices!! (IOS, MACOSX, iTunes...)

But what about Apple's future?, ..is it uncertain??.

For some could be, but not for me. Apple is about to strike back. It has been developing new gadgets to fight in the IT War out there, and these are the weapons that Apple will use to defeat their enemies and reconquer what belongs to it:

Mobile, IPad and Iphone

A new Mobile Interdace will be launched. No doubt about that. All my work collegues and friends always comment about a couple of bad things related to the iPhone:

  • The User Interface is basically the same one as the one in the first iPhone while Android is changing it continuously
  • The Screen is still a bit small. (This one just half of them complaint about to be Honest)

Jony Ive is leading a huge UI overhaul in the next IOS7 making more flat, picking some ideas from Metro and Android and granting them with Apple One & Only User Experience touch, adding Widgets and enhancing the dashboard and Control Center. Maybe something like this..

A new IPhone 6 this year!!, ...and most probably a revamped iPhone 5 next june 10 (...you know with the S just following the number 5), ..as Audis and Porsches). A new IPAD Retina Display with same design as the mini, which by the way will come also with retina display this year. Could them Appear next June 10??, ..not so sure, but of course new macs with new features are about to appear!!.

Learning Platform sector

We recently heard about Apple executives meeting with Turkish President to discuss $4.5 Billion iPad Education Initiative to provide to provide as many as 15 million tablets to Turkish schoolchildren and how Logitech makes a fantastic wired iPad keyboard for the classroom (Why Wired??, Logitech says it's a challenge for teachers to simultaneously pair multiple iPads with multiple wireless Bluetooth keyboards in the classroom). Of course I already mentioned this in my post about Apple Losing its Mojo, ...it is something that Steve Jobs personally requested (maybe because he couldn't finish his studies as his real parents always wanted and that could never go out of his mind).

Apple is going to make big numbers in Universities, Schools, Teaching Programs and E-learning Software. Big, Big, Big Bucks and competitors are far behind!!. In two years everybody in schools will have a tablet instead of a Computer and Apple is ahead in this race.


Uff, how many times we have heard the same story..., the boring story about Apple working in a great TV Set. No doubt that having a 85" Retina Display 8K Ultra High Resolution LCD TV, 16 times the resolution of and HD TV, at home is most guy's dream..but there is already many competitors in this market: Samsung, Sony or LG...

There could be just one thing, that will differenciate Apple's TV from the rest, Its Amazing OS!!, the best OS in the world and the connectivity with the rest IOS/OSX devices.

iTV will turn into a reality soon. It will have IOS integrated to install all possible Apps and some cool features as gesture recognition (Kinect alike device), videocamara and mic integration for Chatting, Airplay, wifi connection, Your personal Assistan AKA Siri, Voice recognition, etc ....and a wonderfull expensive price if it comes with that 85" Retina Display Panel!!. ($4000?, $5000?, $8000?)

Those huge Tvs are difficult to handle, expensive to storage them due the big space needed, problematic for a Customer to take it home, not Apple's philosophy in my opinion ...so I believe it would be better to upgrade the actual Apple TV to have all those features for just $399 and just connect it to your wonderful Samsung, Sony or LG panel.


A radio station, ...another one??. Pandora, Spotify, Google Music, ...WTF?? (that stands for ...Wait Too Fast :|). Hmmm, ok, it is time for you to realize what Apple might be preparing. Apple has many cool gadget, devices, but as many of you might think Apple is NOT a hardware company but a software company. ..come on, if you do not belive me please just let Mr Jobs say it:

Apple creates a great software which enables all these cool gadgets to interconnect to each other, building an harmonious ecosystem which works as perfect as a Swiss watch. What do I mean with all this??, ..besides all the features that you have with Pandora, what about using that great Retina display (Ipad, MAcbook, ITV..) to see the video of the song and not just listening it??. What about watching a concert??, what about buying a song for just some cents and store it in iTunes to later hear it in your iPod?, what about SIRI telling you that there is a concert of your favourite group close to where you are in that moment next weekend??, ....are you starting to feel the rhythm??

The next Big Thing. I call it .....THE ITRACKER!!.

An Itracker??. What the heck is that??. let's say that is what some people are calling "the iWatch". ....Let's face it who is going to replace the Tag Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Panerai, Hublot, IWC, Chopard Watch for this one???, ..I answer to that one: NOONE!!. 

Apple will launch, and if not it should, a device that will tracks things. Things as:

  • How many steps you take.
  • How many hours you sleep.
  • Where you are.
  • What the weather is around you and how is going to be in the next hours.
  • What your heart rate is.
  • How many stairs you climb.
  • How much you weight.
  • How many Calories you are eating today.
  • Of course listen the iRadio with wireless earplugs. The iRadio will track your likes.
  • It will be your Personal Assistant so it can track Anything you do.
  • You will pay with with it.
  • Any discounts in the shops nearby???, ..yes you personal Assitant will be in charge of letting you know that.
  • And so much more things that you cannot imagine!!
  • use it for conference calls via apps as Skype, FaceTime, etc..
  • Connect to your phone to make phone calls
  • .....and yes, it will also tell you the time.

But how this itracker will look like??. I believe it could be something as cool as this prototype although smaller:

Game Console

It is fascinating how Apple is just getting inside the videogames market without nobody noticing it. Nobody mentions Apple when the recent XBOX One just appeared last week, instead people compare it with the PS4 and WII U.

Now I am not Crazy, Apple is in the game console world. how come??. ..Again let use Apple Software to tie all the cool gadgets together and let me give you example:

  • Basic Game: Connect your Iphone to the ITV via Airplay. Know your Iphone will be the controller, the ITV the Console (well you can use both A6, A6x or A7 chips to run the game)
  • Wii U alike Game: Connect you Ipad to the ITV via Airplay. Cannot be the Ipad a similar controller as the one in the WII U??
  • Xbox one aLike Game: Connect your iPhone to the ITV via Airplay. Remember that the Airplay have something similar to the kineckt??
  • PS3 Alike Game: Connect your iPhone to the ITV via Airplay and the Iphone will be controller. Or connect the iTracker to the ITV via Airplay and use it with the ITV remote to have a PSmove similar user experience
  • ...now if you use the kinect similar device of the iTV, its remote control and iTracker all together???.
  • And what about if you are playing Asphalt 6 and while driving you want to play your favorite music from the iRadio??

Hopefully i made myself clear with these simple examples...

Well, and what do you think???

I just wonder if we will ever see again a commercial as this one announcing the next big thing???

And that next big thing being a reality.

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