Windows Surface, ..Reality or Fiction??

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TRUE!!,  it has been months without posting anything, almost a year, as well that it is true the last 2 years many things have changed in my life.

One the things is called the big apple, not mentioning NewYork, but Apple machines and software.

When you move from Europe to USA, ..you see how crazy about apple they are here,...first of all you don't really know why, even you ask yourself why people pay double for an apple laptop than for a windows laptop... I still remember some spanish friend explanation to my question: "...but why do u like apple???", ...and he just answer me: "err, ...what can i say, ..it is just apple!!, ..what other machine has the Apple operating system??, everything is integrated, smooth, etc.." Since them i have learnt to like, even love, apple products.

But most of all i love technology!!!, ..so I still observe the Fire Tablet, android devices, etc. My smartphone is the Galaxy II so you can figure how i like technology and not just an apple person.... Yesterday Night i happened to see, while preparing a ppt for a presentation, the key note for Windows surface... and this is frankly what i think after i just finished seeing it ...and I admit I had to stop doing my presentation!!!:


One good thing about yesterday's view to a kill??, ...it made me start writting......