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The Perks of Incorporating QR Codes into Your Logo

  • Published on Saturday, 22 March 2014 04:40
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Although QR codes are no longer experiencing the explosive growth they did in 2011, they are still holding strong with smartphone owners, according to kissmetrics.com. The smartphone demographic is still widely the domain of younger professionals and technology savvy students, meaning that through ownership of one device you can target an extremely specific and lucrative demographic.

Combining your company logo with a QR, or vice versa, is a great way to speak directly to that market without alienating any others. The perks of this partnership between what the human eye recognizes as symbolizing your business and what the computer’s “eye” recognizes as a link to your website are duel in nature. The first boosts brand visibility, the second adds personality, and the third has a far more quantifiable benefit.

Perk 1: Boost Brand Visibility

The truth is that a black and white pixilated square might be what a machine needs to engage with your content, but a person needs a little bit something more. A plain QR has nothing to distinguish it from any other to the human eye. You have to rely on the rest of your ad to do that even as you’re giving up valuable ad space to make room for the QR. For most, this slight loss of efficiency is just the price you pay to play the game, but if you combine a logo with your QR code you can capitalize on every inch of ad space you pay for. People’s eyes are automatically drawn to words and symbols with purpose more than they are to random scratching. The human eye can skip over a QR, but a word or design will draw their attention. Telling a QR code maker to stick your logo in the middle of the code is enough to instantly gain you more attention.

Perk 2: Add Personality to Your Business

We now live in a world where Internet Explorer is personified by a cute Anime girl with her own cartoon. Microsoft actually put together an animated transformation sequence, and is heavily marketing this mascot in an attempt to lure users back to what has been widely considered a dying browser. In a marketplace that’s so glutted by production, consumer whims are the key to success. Personality is the way to appeal to customers, and you have to take every opportunity you can to show the customers the kind of personality you’ve created for your business.

Combining a logo and a QR makes you seem efficient and fun. The pixel quality of the QR makes it easy to incorporate into quirky, fun graphics and larger advertisements. These traits appeal to the quick smartphone crowd, further enabling you to utilize the market that a QR gives you access to in the first place.

Perk 3: Simplify Your Printing Needs

Combining a logo with a QR means that you never have to ask yourself what should go on letterheads, business cards, or advertisements. One fact to include both facets means no mistakes at the printers. Usable content every time means an obvious savings. Human error cannot be eliminated, but it can be controlled through measures like this.

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