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Do you like to use apps at facebook??, have you ever though about programming a widget or app similar to those??, ..what about if you could program a widget which can be used not only in facebook but also in Linkedin, Friendster, XING, Sonico??, do you realize the commercial power behind these widgets? ....hmmmm, if all your answers are a "YES" then that means you want to use OpenSocial.

What is Opensocial??. Well google uses some sentences to define it:

  • "OpenSocial enables apps, containers, and other clients to collaborate and move the social web forward."
  • "OpenSocial helps these sites share their social data with the web. Applications that use the OpenSocial APIs can be embedded within a social network itself, or access a site's social data from anywhere on the web."

But translated to our "freak" language, I could say that Opensocial is a API, or set of APIs, to build social applications across multiple Social Networks, or other Websites, which can be shared and interact with existing online communities and with the ability to access a social network’s friends and update feeds.

For example, imagine that you have a surf clothing store and build a social widget which will send the coolest surf pictures uploaded for any subscribed user to the rest of subscribers, obviously with the logo of your enterprise on all the pics, and send a "wanna join" message to subscriber's friends in Facebook. Do you get an image of the commercial possibilities of this widget???.

Now imagine subscriber's friends at:

  • Hi5
  • MySpace
  • Linkedin
  • XING
  • Orkut
  • QuePasa
  • FanBox
  • .........
  • .........

And much more Containers, which is the name used by google to define any social network or webiste. And yes, the code is the same!!!, just change the container ;).

Web Marketing no longer is limited to your corporate site, Internet is no longer static, is no longer just html, or just emails, ...internet is dinamic, updated with million of messages every second, and your bussiness may be in those messages, you bussiness should go "social"!!, and Opensocial will be a must to build this kind of widgets.

Opensocial is now in version v0.9, so as you can imagine is in early stages, but a nice API is already ready to be used. Actually check out the "world of apps" which already use openSocial. Will your app join this world soon????

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