SEO: You better boost your website load time!!..

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Recently I have been asked if search engines take into consideration the speed load of a page, and that remained me about something I read some months ago.

Google is going to add a new factor into its famous algorithm, this new ranking factor has to do with how fast a site or page loads!!.

You may think "Ohhhh, shxt, my website is on a slow service provider!!". Well, time for a change, either to look for a faster provider or for your provider to improve its infraestructure and communications.

Is speed that relevant for a search criteria relevance??. Google’s co-founders want searching to be real fast, an they say "as if you are flipping through a magazine", and that is why they want to include load speed into the Algorithm. Actually Google is thinking in more important issues:


  • Adworks will index page faster if the load speed is better, which will turn into more pages indexed...
  • Who is building a superfast broad-band access??....

But who better than Google's SEO expert Matt to explain us about this new Factor??

At any case, in my opinion, this is a great news for internet consumers and surfers, because many providers will speed up its communications!!, forrest run!!!

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