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...2 days ago I posted about the factor to better your SEO strategy, Page Load Speed, and how google is going to add it to its pagerank algorithm, let's get our website fast!!. WebPageTest can help you in this task with tips as:

    • Cached Elements. Turn your dynamic pages into static pages thanks to cache!!.
    • The use of a CDN (Cache Delivery Network). ...A system of computers containing copies of data, placed at various points in a network so as to maximize bandwidth for access to the data from clients throughout the network.
  • Use CSS and JS. Unify your styles and functions in external files, ..and do not forget to minimize your js files.
  • Compress your images and text.
  • etc., etc....

The test will be conducted from the location specified and you will be provided a waterfall of your page load performance as well as a comparison against an optimization checklist.

How to use it??, I always say an Image is worth better than 1000 words, in this case a video by David Artz.

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