JQUERY: New version 1.4.2, ..speeding UP!!

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A new version is here!!, download it at Jquery homepage or as usual you can upgrade your projects just linking at google code with google.load("jquery", "1.4.2");.

Among the updates included in this new version I must mention the new methods .delegate() and .undelegate() which complements the already existing .live() and .die(). At any case if you want to know all the new stuff related to the API just sneak out at Query API Reference.

What I really like about this new version, ....speeeeeeeed!!. This results will comeup soon at TaskSpeed. It is 3 times faster than Jquery more used version (v1.3.2).

These are the elements that most significant changes in speed have be aplied to, that is the elements which have been more optimized in this new version:

  • .bind() and .unbind() functions
  • .empty(), .remove() and .html() Proccess
  • Inserting of a simple node in the document.
  • $("body") call.

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