JS Frameworks: Javascript Frameworks speed Comparison

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It is being said a lot in the web about which is the fastest JS framework and although JQuery have been working a lot in this issue in latest versions, without no doubt Dojo is still the fastest JS Framework and Mootools and Jquery continue running for second place!!. Take a look at this comparisons:


  1. Dojo
  2. Jquery or Mootools??
  3. Prototype


  1. Dojo
  2. Jquery
  3. Mootools
  4. Prototype
  5. Yui


  1. Qooxdo
  2. Dojo
  3. Mootools
  4. YUI
  5. Jquery
  6. Prototype

Qooxdoo appears the faster in one comparison although unfortunatly when getting into more complex operations it gets sloooooower

Of course at any case this may not your best concern, at least not the only issue, to choose a Javascript Framework!!. One very important factor to me is how sexy and attractive the API is as well as the flexibility to build everything with the behaviour i expect to!!. Other factors as