The History of Typography

  • Published on Sunday, 05 May 2013 20:59
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Today while having a drink with one my collegues we starting discussing about which are the best Type Fonts to use in websites... I understood by our conversation that is not a clear topic, I will soon create a Post about this.


Meanwhile enjoy this video about the History of Typography and get to know about from Roman, Sans Serif, Egyptian, Futura to the Helvetica which has become world's favorite type font...I miss to see there some of the recent ones as Verdana, Arial ..or Myriad which is for many its Favorite font, as example Apple which replaced the previous Garamond with Myriad and now is heading to Avenir, Lucida Grande and Helvetica. the way Verdana, Arial and Myriad are sans serif typeface, "somehow" they are mentioned in the history to be totally fair!! :)

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