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Would you like to increase the daily visits, to understand what your target customers are looking for, to know what any of your competitors are doing and how to beat them, to have more backlinks, to appear in the first results in any of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...), to increase your pagerank, etc??.

...Please do not answer all this questions, I already know it is YES so here at FreakZion we are going to analize some Tools that will help you reach your Goals. ...Let´s start with WooRank.

As they mention on their website, WooRank’s easy-to-use Web-based software generates instant website reviews that offer a ton of valuable data combined with a list of comprehensive tasks; helping businesses and online marketers achieve higher search engine rankings, convert more visitors into customers, keep track of their competitors and get more return on their digital marketing investments, AKA a Digital Marketing Tool.

Which are the main features of WooRanks??

Review your Site

The main one is to check out your site and have a diagnosis of what is good or bad in it, ..It is like when you go to the doctor in an annual check up to just review your health in General.

These are the main things Woorank will take into account when overviewing the "health" status of your site


  • Traffic Estimations
  • Traffic Rank (WorldWide and locally)
  • Adworks Traffic
  • Visitor Locations in a map view

Local Directories

  • Goolge Places
  • FourSquare
  • Yelp

Social Networks

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebbok Shares
  • Facebook Commnets
  • Twitter links
  • Google Plus
  • Information of any of the social accounts you add


  • Checks if you have mobile Rendereing
  • The load time it takes in a mobile phone
  • Mobile Optimization (css, REdirecttion, Apple Icon, etc).


  • Very extensive review of the SEO strategy in your site from metakeyowrds analysis
  • www resolve
  • IP canonicalization
  • the robots.txt file
  • XML SiteMap
  • Title of the site
  • Headings
  • Size of the images and their alt attribute
  • Keywords consistency
  • In-page links
  • Keywords cloud
  • .....


  • Fav Icon
  • Custom 404
  • Conversion forms
  • Page size recommendations
  • Load time
  • Language
  • Email privacy
  • Safe browsing


  • Server IP
  • Technologies (Apache, Google AdSense, Joomla, PHP, etc)
  • Speed tips
  • Which is the tool that you use for analytics
  • Doctype
  • Encoding
  • ...........


Marketing Plan

Once Woorank is done reviewing the "health" of your site, it is time to prepare the marketing plan to fix any single feature in which your site has a bad qualification, and enhance the rest. In this Marketing plan you will be able to Optimize, Convert and Promote your site.


Start by learning how to help search engines index and rank your website high in their search results. Find the best keywords for your website and learn how to use them consistently throughout your pages. Follow these steps to make your website SEO compliant.

  • Manage Your Relationship with Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Measure the Results of Your SEO
  • Choose the Best Keywords for Your Website
  • List Out Your Target Keywords


Define clear objectives for your website. Once visitors arrive there, make sure that they reach your goals and convert into prospects or clients. Follow these tips to make a beautiful and efficient website with a high return on investment.

  • Define Conversion Types
  • Design Your Site to Optimize Conversions
  • Ensure Your Site Works With Popular Browsers and Screen Resolutions
  • Create a Positive First Impression


Once your website is optimized for SEO and conversion, you can start attracting visitors. Learn effective techniques to get visitors to your website. Improve your position, your traffic and measure the results.

  • Get 5 Online Reviews
  • Submit Your Blog to 5 Directories
  • List Your Site in 10 Website Directories
  • How to Optimize Your Site for Local Search
  • Optimize Your Local Business on Google+
  • Mark Your Business on Google Maps


Compare with your Competitors

You can have as many reports as you want so of course you can request one to check how your competitors are doing, ...or even better you can have charts comparing the results of other sites with yours


Export the Reports

One simple but really helpful feature offered by WooRank is that you can export all the great analysis of your site created by Woorank and export it in PDF. Actually it provides the ability to configured the PDF template in every single aspects from which data include in it to even colors and look & feel.


This feature is really helpful to share the analysis between teams or even to work offline analyzing and planning the next steps to enhance the SEO strategy for your site.


All these features for a price that in my opinion is a bit high:

  • $49/month for PRO Plan: ideal for Webmasters that need to have an in depth analysis of their site. 
  • $149/month for Premium Plan: up yo 5 advanced reviews which fits to Agencies.



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