HTML 5 VS Flash, ...a fair combat??

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Sometime ago i wrote an article about canvas vs flash although why just comparing one of the best welcoming elements from HTML 5 with Flash, why not the whole HTML 5???. ...well, we must admit canvas is the best "visual" or "cool" stuff in HTML5 and flash is cool and visual but HTML5 has many more interesting things!!!, ...which doesn't mean that is going to beat Flash.

In my last post i talked about the fabolous IPAD and yes we all know that it doesn't support Flash. Why??, ..well many reasons that you may check into Steve Jobs words about it. Interesting phrases within those words:

HTML 5 is open, while Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary. I think Steve has forgotten Apple's pastime, MAC an open platform?, ..and how was Apple in the past??, ..can I install software that do not come from Apple Store into Ipad?? ..hmmmm, He is Totally right about that phrase but in my opinion not the best person to complain about that and actually he trys to explain his phrase in next paragrahs ;)

Reliability, security and performance. Again i must admit it, he is somehow true, ..but to give some positive points to Adobe I admit that many times my borwser has got stuck by AJAX and javascript apps (more coding possibilities means more errors from bad coders!!). Performance of Flash is better than HTML5 still and about videos, HTML5 video is so many years behind what flash can do today and that is a fact, ....but HTML5 will win for sure, it is just a question of time because many opensource coders are working on that!!.

Battery life. Again he is right!!, ..woow, no wonder he has had success in life. But again Adobe is working hard on and flash 10.1 comes with hardware acceleration!!, although still not working in Linux although getting into MAC OS X ;). How is this hardware acceleration working??. I encourage you to read this.

How many flash applications are Touchable??. IPAD use touch HTML5 capabilities...., ..and seems to work very good, doesn't it??

Why Apple doesn't like flash??. when they were in love many, many years ago???

...i have the answer but I will leave it for a close future ;)

Again my thought is the same, Flash is sexier than HTML5, ...but let's wait one or two years..., this remains me the battle between Windows and Linux.

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