Apple Story for a Sunday

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Taking a look to the Twentieth Anniversary Mac info that somehow OSX Daily brought to our time, a computer worth $7499 from 15 years ago showing what 5 years later started to populate the market, the Imac G4,and LCD monitors of those much more bulkier computers,..we all know what 5 years in IT means

...and we can understand somehow how apple has been coming up with gadgets years before the competition did (ipod, macbook air, iMac, iPhone (android phones now are getting superior but remember the iphone appeared more than 5 years ago....)). Design and greeat ideas Ive and Steve.

...Maybe that is why Jony Ive will now be Human Interface leadership besides his previous existing design role as Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, after Scott Forstall "decided" to leave apple. Apple needs to keep innovating.

 In any case, i just wanted to share with you a video I remember I saw a couple of years ago which describes a Story, ..a short 10 minutes video about Apple Story

...if you have the chance please view this movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley, which is a real good entertaining story about apple and Microsoft and I leave you with this documentary and of course ...Have a wonderfull week: