What happens to Apple's Mojo??

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What is happening to Apple???, ..in less than 2 months its value has gone down 24%. It seemed that since Iphone 5 went live the show has stopped and the lights are off. Apple is still a cool company, so what's going on?

It is pretty clear that there is a WAR out there, and it is not Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook or Amazon,  ...the one that is fighting without any fear with Apple, is Google.

Google's Weapons for these are:

1. Search Engine (SIRI vs Google's Voice Search)

Let me make something very, very clear: SIRI is for APPLE the tool to compete with Google's Search and Microsoft's Bing, ..not just a personal Assistant.



A Video worths more than 1000 words:

This translates that by no means Apple can beat Google at this time in voice searchers!!. But ............

2. Software Development Speed

Apple has around 72800 Employees, from which aprox. 44000 (60%) work in retail Stores. That means that around 28800 are involved in Software and Hardware development. Let's make an assumption: 50% in SW, 50% in Hardware (although those making the real/phisical hardware are not in Apple as we know but in External Factories) which turns to be that:

      Around 14000 Apple employees are working in IOS, MAC OSX, Apple Maps, SIRI and other software.

Google has 53546 from which 17428 belong to Motorola (yeah, too much Motorola employees!!, Google knows that and actually there are 15% less since Google Acquired Motorola, ..but let's not act as HHRR and Finantial Department in this Post!!). Let's use again some Assumptions:

20% of Motorola employees develop Software, 90% of Google Employees develop Software. That means that:

      Around 36000 Google employees are working in Android, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Search, and other software.

Which means that google has around 3 times the same amount of developers than apple.

This translates that by no means Apple can beat Google in Software devolepment speed. But ............

3. Operating System

Do you remember that beautiful love and hate story between Microsoft and Apple??, ..in which Microsoft once defeated Apple???. Why that happened???. Very, very, very easy, Microsoft created a Operating System that could be installed in other devices, which were not Microsoft Machines, at a very fair and low price and at the same time Microsoft developed software for Apple, ...that in medicine is called a virus!!.

To get to know the story about Microsoft and Apple don't forget to have a hour and a half to review this video:

That is what google is doing with Android!!. Free Operating System that can be installed in many mobile phones, and many other devices from Tablets to light bulbs..

This translates that by no means Apple can beat Google in the most used Operating System. But ............

4. Hardware

We can mention the Google Nexus family, we can mention the Google Chrome Laptops, etc, ...but i think at this time nobody in the world, not even in the smallest village in China, the lost town by the Amazon River or a disconnected "aldea" in Galicia at Spain, ...nobody can doubt the quality and beauty of Apple Devices. 

This translates that by no means Google can beat Apple in Hardware. But ...........

Sooooo, Which are the conclusions?? 

BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT, everything has a "but" in this life and this is what makes me think that Apple should be to continue being number one in each in those categories and a new one that didn't mention before: PARTNERSHIPS.

                 * More mobile Phone Device
                 * The new ITv with IMotion and SIRI, the future Apple car (..a possible Alliance with TESLA??)

And the most important one, ...PartnerShips, if Apple leaves Google Maps PartnerShip, YouTube Partnership, Intel Partnerships, Samsung Partnership, etc, ....those are BIG collegues that Apple loses and that can destroy it!!. So partnerships with big and important collegues are necessary: Movie theatre to sell movie tickets, Big Hotel Holding and travel Agencies to book your travel with SIRI, SIRI integration with Opentable, Alliance with Global media and entertainment as Time Warner, for the new ITv, alliance with universities through training course though IPADs, Corporate Alliances with companies as QANTAS to replace Blackberry with IOS devices, Alliance with Automobile Makers as BMW to integrate you Iphone and its software in the car, ..the TESLA - APPLE Awesome car. A gold Rule, ...you can ever win Alone!!!, ..you always need help, ..so Partnerships is key to keep being number one because if Apple is number one then those partnerships are making money and will do whatever is needed to help keeping Apple the number one in the World




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