Masonry, Adapt your WebSite to the Screen Size

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Mansonry???....., Most of you will rapidly jump and raise your hand to rapidly answer what or who is Masonry!!!. Well, yes, right, you might like carbon fiber luxury sports car

or even custom bikes as this one,...and yes, you will never have one of those in case that someone as me needs to put your feet back on the ground,...but what you can have, use or even enjoy is the JQuery Masonry (without the extra n).

What is Jquery Masonry???. Well graphically the concept is pretty simple: "fit the as much as you can in the available space", but in a cool automatic way. .....Let's have a very quick example: You have 10 different suitcases that need to place in the trunk of your car, ....if your car is an Audi Q7 they will fit for sure and a lot of space will remain, if you have a Q5 then you will have several ways to fit the suitcases and depending how good you are at that you will have more or none space for more luggage, ...but if you happen to have an A4 then you are screwed as you will have only one exact way to fit all that luggage in your car. Well, now think that the suitcases are sections in a website and the trunk is the resolution of the screen, ...Jquery masonry will be the one in charge of fitting the luggage in the car, I mean the sections in the screen resolution.


How does it work??, where i can get resources about??, I need Joomla and wordpress templates... No problem here you have all the links that you need:


Tell me all about Masonry: Click here
Joomla Templates:

JA Elastica


JA PureSite


Hot Responsive

Music Free, ....doesn't this one sounds familiar??

YouBricks Engine Module: YouBricks Engine Module has taken advantage of jQuery Masonry and bundled it with Joomla content , K2 content , like systems and PrettyPhoto jQuery lightbox plugin. What came out is almost replica of Wookmark.com or Pinterest.com websites by using only 1 Joomla module


And if you want to see a real web using it, ...here is an example: ALL IN MY HEAD

...what is in my head today??. I have and i will have the dead of a great person and a friend who was just 38 and that a Cancer took him away. A great guy call Jorge, ...he will always be a great person!. un abrazo donde quieras que estes.