IT New Hires, ...The Market is Shaking

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This end of Year is going to turn into a new IT ERA, ...the Tech Companies are getting more competitive and the market is going to see many interesting things Happening.

Amazon getting into Mobile Market, Apple getting into the Television Market, Facebook getting into the Mobile Phones Industry, etc. ,etc. How all this is going to be possible???

Well, we all know that places make people and people make places, the same applies for Business. Businesses make People, and people make businesses. That is what is starting to happen recently, the BIG IT Companies are starting to Hire nice brains and Business Strategists to lead the big Projects.

Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo CEO

First it Happened with Marissa Mayer at Yahoo who left Google after being part of the original team turning Google in what it is right now!!.

Of Course Marissa wants new people to yahoo:

Yahoo hires Google executive de Castro as COO (slashgear)

"Back in August, we reported that Yahoo was on the hunt for a new chief operating officer, specifically for someone with a focus on finance and restructuring. Yahoo has confirmed that it named Henrique de Castro, a top Google executive, as its new COO.... Read more at SlashGear"


It is said that everyone On Marissa Mayer's Senior Team Expects To Be Replaced Within 18 Months

William Stasior Hired to Lead SIRI at Apple

Ohhh, yeah I almost forget that one of the Projects that Apple is focusing the most is to steal google's leadership as the best search engine ever!!. How??, with SIRI, a new concept of searching things using your Voice, ..as we all know.

What better to hire the guy that has changed the way Amazon Searches work?? (...some people believe Amazon has the great weapon to defeat Google in the search battle, ..why??, because you just go and search in Amazon whatever and you will find exactly what you need and you can even buy it!!!, ..anything and with comments about what you are looking for)

...And he comes originally from Altavista, ...so nobody better than this guy!!. MacRumours talk about this:

"Apple has hired William Stasior, a search veteran from Amazon and early search engine AltaVista, to run its Siri unit, according to a report from All Things D. Stasior was previously in charge of Amazon's A9 unit... Read more at Mac Rumours"

Bill Stasior

...who will be next???. Of course more to come in yahoo, ...and yes, more to come in Microsoft and Intel and... start completing your CV, you could be next.