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Somehow it is an "ethernal question" with many different answers, ..which is the tool that i should use to build my Site??. Well, ask no more and just by these comparison check which is the solution you like the most!!.


It is fair to said that 4 years ago there were many differences among all of them but lately they all have the main features as frienly URLS (mainly using Apache's mod_rewrite, or some of them with components as SH404SEF), incorporated search engine, cache system, multilanguage, etc.. but still all of the have different flavours which i will discuss, ...just take a drink, relax and get ready for the show!!.


  Drupal Joomla WordPress Comment
Friendly URLS Yes Yes Yes Drupal was the first…
Cache System Yes Yes Yes You can have even plug-ins for better performance JotCache, Pressflow, WP Supercache
Multilanguage Yes Yes WPML Joomla introduced it from 1.7. Here is a nice tutorial on Multilanguage
Multicategories With Extension With Extension With Extension None does a good job still in here. I guess it is like the songs in iTunes, you have to make a copy to put it in a different playlist, or a file in different folders in windows..
Multisite Yes No Yes WordPress Allows Multisite since Version 3.0, Drupal since version 5.0. Joomla only has the ability with extensions: Multiple Sites
Themes * 8/10 9/10 10/10  
Personalization  Yes  Yes  So ..So  The ACL that Joomla has in latest Versions (2.5..) is Pretty complete. Drupal is very good also. For Wordpress you will need to install a plugin as Members
Integrated Search  Yes  Yes  Yes  It might be important to check some modules, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and faceted Search for Wordpress
Blog  With Extension  With Extension  Yes

 Joomla have a nice variety of extensions as well as Drupal, as the Blog Functionality is basic out of the box. 

Comments  With Extension  With Extension  Yes  For comments remember to use Disqus, ...even for Wordpress
Collaborative Tool



Organic Groups

Jomsocial Calendar& Events



Components or Extensions *  9/10  10/10  8/10  
Archiving  Yes  Yes  Yes  In any case i recommend again to use Archiving extensions if possible: Joomla,  with Wordpress the minute you publish a post, it becomes part of your archives.

Hmmm, so now i can decide which is the best CMS for me??. Not yet. Let me still give you some flavours of all of them that is going to complicate a bit your decision but at the same time is going to give you a better hint about your preferred CMS.


  • It is said that is the most "Developer-friendly CMS":
  • It is said that it the most "Secure CMS", wonder this website is done using Drupal: 

  • Drupal works smoother for a extremely high traffic site, happens the same to Joomla but as soon as you add tons of extensions to it, ..tht you will need to install then the preformance goes down. WordPress is not as fast as Drupal


  • It has the larger community which translates in more extensions and components that the other two:
    • As a matter of fact the number of sites with Joomla double the sites build with Drupal.
    • Components and extensions needed to create a site are more numerous than the ones for a Blog Tool as wordpress was created originally. So alhough there are more pages created with wordpress, there are more templates, extensions, plugín and extension in Joomla.
  • If you are a developer as me you can get really frustrated using up to Joomla 1.5. Please if you are going to start using Joomla go to Joomla 2.5 or directly to 3.0. As i mentioned before Drupal is a more clean solution for Developers.


  • It is the one with more market share base on the stats by less than a year:
  • Bloggers was the Original target audience and around 70% of the site built with WordPress are blogs. So it is the proper tool if you want to create a Blog or a site which a blog is the Core Component. Actually WordPress dominates top 100 blogs as you can check in that very good article.
  • Although Joomla has more templates, extensions, components, Plug-ins, etc, Wordpress wins in Commercial Themes, ...easy explanations, is used by more than 50% of the market, a market that is not populated by developer but by bloggers, writters and desginers so a good and attractive Theme is a Must!!!
  • Again, ..WordPress is the best option for personal pages so no wonder you can find these famous using wordpress:

 So in my humble opinion:

    • You want a site based on blogs and a theme close to a newspaper then use WordPress. Also go for Wordpress for a personal page.
    • You are a real techie!!. Then use Drupal. You will love to develop with it.
    • You want to have any possible tool to build a site??. Go for Joomla that is more 4x4 solution.

The CMS Market in any case is full of surprises, maybe microsoft will make a real out-of-this-world change to MOSS and get more closer to a CMS instead to collaborative tool totally link to Microsoft tech (Active Directory, Word, Access, etc, etc). What do you think about this??

What is WebMatrix, WebSitePark, parnership with Acquia or the free SEO toolkit???...
Have a nice week!!.




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