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Yes, now there a couple of ways of becoming famous, ..the first one is following your dreams and becoming the best in class developer with a great idea, or use this open source JavaScript framework that enables developers to build beautiful apps with 3D physics-driven animation. It started using the famous Invitation Only Access to developers although thanks god anyone can join now.

How does this framework differs from the rest??. Well, let's start saying that it is just one of the new frameworks that just try to do with html5, css3 and javascript what a mobile app is able to do. Why??, ...well you just developed once and then you can access that app in any O/S (iOS, Android, Microsoft, chrome, etc!!).

All these new javascripts frameworks share these features:

  1. No access to the DOM. This is the biggest difference compared to actual Frameworks as for example query, mootools, ...
  2. Use of multiple Layers or Virtual Screens. AngularJS has ngView and Famo.us has Surfaces. Instead of changing the pages adding html to it, you swap from page to another like you go from one card to another in a deck.
  3. CSS Transitions.

With this I am not saying that Famo.us is similar to angular.js or to knockout.js just to mention a couple as for example, actually although famou.us counts with a wonderful view management in lacks models and controllers, or it lacks a declarative process for building UIs compare to knockout.js.

So yes, again, with JS Frameoworks as it happens with cars, bikes, houses and partners, you will now find the perfect one but you will find the best that suits your needs. If you are looking to build apps with great UI with awesome animations similar to IOS/Android apps then famo.us might be your election.

I was one for the less than 100000  developers than signed p with famo.us and to tell you the truth i haven't had spent the time I would love due to some other great projects that keeps me busy but this is what I can and should tell you so far:

Hmmm, does it mean that you need to drop all your work already done in AngularJS, which is the most interesting JS Framwork nowadays, and start using Famo'us???. Not at all. If you cannot decide between famo.us and angularJS, just do not worry as Thomas Street has taking care of building fame.us & angularJS for you to use it. You can find it right at https://famo.us/integration/angular/ and here you have the perfect 3 lessons that will help you mix this two great development kings:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Famo.us/Angular Layouts
  3. Creating Animations

Finally, How do I learn to use Famo.us??. As I mentioned before you have three awesome ways to achieve it:

  1. Just join the university
  2. Visit the Blog
  3. Get connected in the MeetUps:

Is it going to get popular??. As today, late september 2014, is being download 5000 times everyday. So start using it!!


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