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Yesterday it happens I was walking in the Prudential Building, in Boston, and suddenly i saw what i believed it was a mirage??, ...but no, it was real, as real that i am going to renew my blog and continue with it after a long period of inactivity.

...but let's not change of subject, ..I was talking about a tech store that it was not an apple store butjust because i saw the new, and ...square, Windows Logo on the door. I have to admit that I like it, i see a big change after that logo, as well as the store. I went into the Windows Store and I saw a kind of familiar product alignment..., ..it remained me of an apple.
Hey, they have salesman!!, as in every store, but again, this guys are kind of fruity, in this case blue shirt , but again very similar to that store with iPad, iPod, imac, and everything that starts with an I!!.
Finally what product did I find in there??, ..a Phone (without the I), a table (without the I), computers (without the I), ultrabooks (without the ...Air), ..and of course what is the big Star and which nowdays makes microsoft different, the fantastic and unique Kinect (something that a very close competitor is about to challenge with a new TV that is about to launch in 3 months...). Again, doesn't it look like a company with a fruit as a logo???
I played around with some tablets, ..i think Microsoft still needs to work a lot on those (let's wait for surface..) and windows was working really great in the Samsung, HTC, and other brands mobile devices (..what will happen after installing many apps on the device???, ...we will see very soon).
I believe is a great idea for Microsoft to launch those stores!!, ..it is a great and a big move, but please be more original!!. Microsoft you have great genius in your team, great minds, ...just a change in the managing staffwould make Microsoft be what it was in the past, ..number one!!.
I was going to take some pictures to the new Microsoft Store and the Apple Store that is just some meters away, ..but i found these great pics in "Internet Killed TV". Just judge by yourselves


....Please more Kineckt