Should you use Kendo UI??

  • Published on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 03:33
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Kendo Analysis

In case you need a quick answer to the question: YES, ..and the reason behind this decision is based on these main features:

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NodeJS, The Next Big Platform, ...period

  • Published on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 03:51
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Last monday I was having one of those "profounds" conversations with a work colleague about JS frameworks, Server Apps, building Rest Services, etc, and he came up with this statement: "I don't understand why people are starting to build web apps with nodeJS while there are already so many great and awesome server side platforms in the market with tons of resources in the web!!", ..I left a couple of seconds to pass by and then I just had a very simple answer: "Because it is the Next Big server side platform, ...Period!!".

Immediately I was asked with the obvious question: "Why??". ..And that is when I decided to answer it writing this article!!.

NodeJS is a server-side JavaScript framework, which means that all of a sudden all the code that you have written in Javascript, that code which powers awesome Ajax applications in the client side will now power the server side as well!!, creating a JS server-side server sounds a good idea after all.

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